48 Hour Sugar Wash


30 min


45 min



  1. In an 8 gallon (30L) or larger fermenter, dissolve 13-17lbs (6-7.6kg) of granulated sugar into 2 gallons of hot water. Ensure that sugar is completely dissolved before continuing.
  2. Using ice, cold, or hot water, top up to 6.6 gallons (25L) to obtain a liquid temperature of 95F (35C). Do not add turbo yeast until liquid temperature is at or below 95F (35C).
  3. Add 48 hour turbo yeast, stirring vigorously for 2 minutes or until contents are fully dissolved. Never re-hydrate turbo yeast in less that the full volume of liquid as it can kill the yeast.Cover fermenter with a lid and airlock.
  4. Allow to ferment at 86-100F (30-38C) for 2-7 days, or until complete.


  • 6.5 gallon (25L) ‏Water
  • 13-17lbs (6kg-7.6kg) ‏White sugar
  • 1 pack or 6.2oz (175g) ‏48 hour turbo yeast

48 Hour turbo yeast is capable of fermenting:

13lbs (6kg) of white sugar in 2 days to produce 14% ABV

17lbs (7.6kg) of white sugar in 5-7 days to produce 18% ABV


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